Current therapies for advanced cancers can prolong the life of some patients, but side effects provide many with a very poor quality of life and the costs for treatment can be prohibitively high.

Using a platform developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for biosecurity applications of interest to the DOE and DHS and in collaboration with clinicians at the University of California Davis Medical Center, a new class of  cancer drugs have been created that have the high binding affinity and target selectivity attributes of antibodies while retaining lower cost with greater ease of manufacturing, more rapid blood clearance,  greater stability, multiple delivery options and other favorable characteristics of small molecules.

Preclinical efficacy, lack of toxicity, low cost of manufacture, unique target and multi-mechanisms of action (which include a durable and natural immune response not seen elsewhere) are what set SH7139, our most advanced, first-in-class SHAL therapeutic apart from other cancer drugs.

Please watch our videos and slideshow to learn more about SHAL Tech, our drug design platform,  and SH7139.